Pictures in the Woods | Long Hunter State Park

I’ve been getting out and hiking a lot more lately, part of my challenge to myself to get more exercise and I love being out in the wilderness and away from the sounds of the city when at all possible.

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7 thoughts on “Pictures in the Woods | Long Hunter State Park

  1. elmediat says:

    Too Long Hunter and Beyond ! Great shots. Very effective use of processing & layout to create mood and context. :)


    • Thanks! They were from the Volunteer Trail.

      So, there’s a little parking lot just off Hobson Pike, the street is called Bakers Grove Lane. You’ve probably driven by it a million times if live in the area. There’s like one sign for the volunteer trail I think and it looks like you’re just driving into someone’s neighborhood, but I promise you, it’s part of Long Hunter. Always quiet too! I highly recommend it.

      Oh and I love your photography! You have quite the eye.

      Thanks for the comment!


      • Thank you so much! I am hoping to take some photos out at Long Hunter in the near future, and Google image search brought me here. Thanks for the reply – and the kind words!


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